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This is my first blog! I can’t say it is done by the “books” because I have not read or researched blogging yet. I just know that today we are in May of 2020. I am feeling blessed and good in the middle of a pandemic! Today my 8 year old did not want me to brush her hair, I cried a little. She did it on her own. Might sound weird, and I have been wanting her to take this task for a while, but it has been our morning thing. Usually I complain but now that she has “grown up” I got emotional.

The last two months have been a whirlwind. My life, along with everyone else’s has changed drastically. They way we do business will never be the same. I don’t think a lot of people will go back to working in the same manner. People will communicate differently and I pray I will be able to help people, continue to provide honest services and pricing, and be able to give back. Spending the last 2 months with my amazing wife and daughter has been great. My wife is the one who pushed and encouraged me the very most to start this company!! She is my rock and loves me no matter what faults I have.

Truly a blessed man. Talk to you again soon. Maybe I will better at this.

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